The Room

The room is located in a picturesque backyard in the heart of Kleinbasel, near Claraplatz, and is easy to reach by public transport.

Clarahofweg 12 Hinterhaus
4058 Basel

The room can be used from 8.00 – 22.00h.
The forecourt is not part of the room and may only be used in the area of the entrance.
Regarding noise emissions, the neighbourhood must be considered.

Rental prices can be seen here

The room can also be rented at short notice. Exhibitions have priority.

  • Multipurpose room, 62m2, with own entrance, toilet available
  • Capacity approx. 30–40 persons
  • The exhibition room is wheelchair accessible, the toilet is not
  • Plans are available for exhibitors
  • Power supply up to 230V/16A, 400V/25A
  • Counter for drinks, apéritifs, vernissage, refrigerator for drinks
  • Kitchen sink with hot/cold water
  • Various glasses, crockery and cutlery
  • Coffee machines (Nespresso, Delizio)
  • Kettle, hot plate
  • Shelf for brochures, flyers etc.
  • Some additional material available, such as:
    • 2 bar table
    • 10 movable walls (1 m ∗ 1.8 m), flexible in use
    • 11 wall panels (1 m ∗1.6 m)
    • 2 wall panels (0.5 m ∗1.6 m)
    • 3 small tables (1 m ∗ 1.2 m)
    • 3 party bench sets (tables and benches)
    • Curtains and blackout curtains
    • Samsung Frame TV, 80 cm (can be hired)
    • Suspension for beamer (beamer can be rented)
    • Various chairs
  • Suspension device (gallery rails) for works
    • No nails or screws may be used
    • Adhesive devices (glue nails) are permitted provided they do not damage the walls
  • Indirect LED basic lighting
    • Dimmable, adjustable white colour – also RGB colours on request
  • LED spot lighting, can be set individually
    • Choice of different spot lamps (4000K)
    • Lampshades in white or stainless steel
  • WLAN access for tenants
  • Tools, laser, ladder, hoover etc. available
  • The tenant is responsible for special installations and must clarify this with the landlord in advance

Assembly/disassembly Delivery Collection

  • The tenant is responsible for setting up and dismantling the exhibition
  • For delivery and collection, short-term parking is available in the courtyard in front of the gallery.
    • Attention: relatively narrow passage (2.28 m ∗ 2.26 m H∗W)
    • Large vans will have trouble
  • Basically, there are no parking spaces available in the backyard

Hospitality Support

  • Catering and supervision of the exhibition are the responsibility of the tenant.

No smoking

  • Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and in front of the entrance

Public transport

  • Tram or bus Claraplatz, 5 minutes on foot
  • Tram Wettsteinplatz, 10 minutes on foot
  • Tram Messeplatz 5 minutes on foot


  • There is NO parking in the backyard for visitors.
  • Bicycles must be parked in such a way that other tenants are not hindered.

Car parks, as well as public car parks in the surrounding area