Rental Costs

The OpenArt-Gallery is not for profit.

We do not charge any commission on the works you sell!

For longer rentals, or commercial rentals during Basel fairs, please inquire specifically.
During Basel fairs, the prices below are not valid, please ask.

Pupils/Students have a discount of 10%.

Commercial customers (gallery owners, pure sellers etc.) pay a surcharge of 100% to the rental prices.

In the case of staff assistance on our part, we will make special arrangements with you.

Insurance: We cannot insure your exhibition/objects. If you would like insurance, most insurance companies have short-term offers.


Single day during the week, see weekend surcharge from Fri–Sun.CHF 100.-
Short weekend, Saturday–SundayCHF 300.-
Weekend (Friday–Sunday)CHF 400.-
Long weekend e.g. Friday-Monday, Thursday-SundayCHF 500.-
Week (7 days) e.g. Wednesday-TuesdayCHF 600.-
2 Weeks (14 days)CHF 1’000.-
Weekend surcharge (Fri., Sat., Sun.) for daily rentals (per day)CHF 50.-
Cleaning fee according to expenditure (if necessary)CHF 30.-/h
Special arrangements are always possible, e.g. during Basel fairs, please enquire.