Markus Reinhard – PowerArt

Friday, 2 September 2022 – Sunday, 4 September 2022

Markus Reinhard, born in Switzerland in 1962, has collected many objects in his career, mostly from the computer era, and puts them into a new context. Sometimes they are beautiful computer circuit boards, sometimes they are objects made of CDs or connectors.

Let yourself be surprised by the dinosaurs of the computer age.

ExhibitionFriday, 2. September 2022 – Sunday, 4. September 2022
VernissageFriday, 2. September 2022, 17h – 22h
Opening HoursSaturday-Sunday: 14h – 18h
LocationClarahofweg 12 Hinterhaus, 4058 Basel

From an early age, technology and design awakened a special interest in me in preserving things that carry a certain beauty.

Many of these things were thrown away because they were outdated by time or no longer needed. Curiosity and fascination about what it looks like inside devices gave rise to the idea of presenting these hidden treasures in a new context and thus preserving them.

Examples can be seen on my PowerArt website.